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Mrs.Subra Instant Sambar Powder

Mrs.Subra Instant Sambar Powder

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Rely on us for the perfect mix of flavorful, healthy, and authentic sambar powder to make your own tasty version of sambar. Our Mrs. Subra Instant Sambar Powder is a culinary delight crafted with a unique blend of spices, ensuring an authentic South Indian taste in every spoonful.

Creating a delicious bowl of sambar has never been easier – just mix our specially curated powder with water and your favorite vegetables. Pressure cook it for a few minutes, and voilà, you're all set! The simplicity of our easy-to-make process doesn't compromise on the rich flavors that define a traditional South Indian sambar.

Indulge in the satisfaction of crafting a home-cooked sambar that bursts with flavor and authenticity. Our carefully selected ingredients guarantee a wholesome and hearty experience, perfect for satisfying those early morning idli sambar cravings.

Mrs. Subra Instant Sambar Powder is your go-to solution for a quick, convenient, and mouthwatering sambar that brings the essence of South Indian kitchens straight to your table. Elevate your meals with the perfect mix – flavorful, healthy, and authentically delicious!

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