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Mrs.Subra Tamarind Pickle

Rs. 159.00

Tamarind is a widely used ingredient in Indian cuisine. It is used in dishes like chutneys, sauces, and pickles. Raw tender tamarind is hand pounded and mixed with spices to give this his pickle an intrinsic taste and flavor.Try our pickle today!

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Make fresh. Ship fresh.

When it comes to flavor, fresh matters. We make our products in small batches and ship direct, delivering the freshest most flavorful right to your door.

Traditional Recipes 

Our flavour comes from recipes that have been passed down generations which we have perfected over time with only the finest ingredients and no processed food additives or preservatives.


Our food production process is designed and developed to maintain the natural flavour and aroma of our product. The process is designed to be hygienic, safe, quick and efficient.